TEMA vol. 8 SI part 2



Remarkable historic timber roofs. Knowledge and conservation practice
Part 2 – Investigation, analysis, and interventions

Emanuele Zamperini

The roofing structures of the Gothic age in France
Paolo Vannucci

Historic timber roofs, a knowledge-based approach to strengthening: the case study of a Renaissance palace in Ferrara
Lia Ferrari

The timber roof structure of Chapel XVI at Sacro Monte of Orta: an example of conservative strengthening work
Marco Zerbinatti, Alessandro Grazzini, Sara Fasana, Giovanni Vercelli

The roof structure of the Men’s Oratory of the Albergo dei Poveri in Genoa
Marta Casanova, Stefano F. Musso, Stefano Podestà

Reinforcement methodologies of timber elements in historic timber roofs
Jorge Branco, Filipa S. Serino, Eleftheria Tsakanika, Paulo B. Lourenço

The medieval carpentry of the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua
Martina Diaz, Louis Vandenabeele, Stefan M. Holzer

Learning from tradition: a case study of the diagnosis, dendrochronological dating, and intervention on a 16th-century timber roof structure in the western Italian Alps
Tanja Marzi, Clara Bertolini-Cestari, Olivia Pignatelli

Wide-span timber trusses in the area of Bologna: a case study analysis and comparison
Davide Prati, Angelo Massafra, Luca Guardigli

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