TEMA vol. 9 n. 2



Knowledge and science on building technologies. Means, instruments and models
Riccardo Gulli

Compressed-air foundations in Italy: HBIM-aided study of the Tiber River embankments (1876-1900)
Ilaria Giannetti, Stefania Mornati

Autarky metal roofing at the Mecenate Paper Mill in Tivoli: an unseen application of Gino Covre’s patents
Edoardo Currà, Andrea De Pace, Riccardo Rocchi, Alessandro D’Amico, Martina Russo, Marco Angelosanti, Ana Cardoso De Matos, Vicente Julian Sobrino Simal

Digital representation strategies to reveal the cultural significance of Canadian Post-war Architecture
Davide Mezzino, Pierre Jouan

Beyond the appearance. Overwritten heritage communication
Alfonso Ippolito, Giulia Luffarelli, Simone Helena Tanoue Vizioli

Architecture and civic engagement. An ethical balance between social, architectural, structural, and energy issues in the redevelopment of existing building stocks
Barbara Angi, Alberto Soci

Greenery as a mitigation strategy to urban heat and air pollution: a comparative simulation-based study in a densely built environment
Graziano Salvalai, Juan Diego Blanco Cadena, Enrico Quagliarini

Green roof as a passive cooling technique for the Mediterranean climate: an experimental study
Stefano Cascone, Federica Rosso

Virtual reality as a new frontier for energy behavioural research in buildings: tests validation in a virtual immersive office environment
Arianna Latini, Elisa Di Giuseppe, Marco D’Orazio

Construction Productivity Graph: a comprehensive methodology based on BIM and AI techniques to enhance productivity and safety on construction sites
Francesco Livio Rossini, Gabriele Novembri

A genetic algorithm-based approach for the time, cost, and quality trade-off problem for construction projects
Marco Alvise Bragadin, Kalle Kähkönen, Luca Pozzi

Managing people’s flows in cultural heritage to face pandemics: identification and evaluation of combined measures in an Italian arena
Marco D’Orazio, Gabriele Bernardini, Enrico Quagliarini

On site data gathering by a collaborative network to assess durability, reliability, service life, and maintenance performance
Valentina Villa, Paolo Piantanida, Antonio Vottari

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